Janam Kundali in Calgary

When we address Janam kundali expert then that person doesn’t just deal with the preparation of Janam kundali but keeps a sharp eye on the positions of planets in different houses in the Kundali and their good and bad effects. Adding more to it, providing the solutions to these adverse effects is also an accountability of the Janam Kundali Expert. Call Now!!

Pundit Rajesh Shastri Ji is a capable and proficient astrologer and a perfect guru for the role of janam kundali in Calgary. He is a well-learned and certified astrologer and has contributed immensely in the field of astrology in the past years.We will move ahead in this article with the subjects of janam kundali in Calgary addressed by the prophet Rajesh Shastri Ji.

janam kundali in Calgary

Importance of Janam Kundali in Calgary

  • Janam Kundali (also known as Horoscope) is considered an important document in Vedic Astrology that demonstrates the positions of all the seven planets and shadow planets in the twelve houses at the time of the birth of the person.
  • This birth chart thus is created using the exact “time of birth, place of birth and date of birth” of the person.
  • Why astrologers consider Kundali Prediction prime is because it defines the future of the person on the basis of the positions of different planetary bodies. The diverged positions of planets in birth chart signify different things and happenings in human life.
  • It depicts the nature, confidence, and temperament of the concerned person.

The importance of janam kundali in Calgary lies in that that through some effective measures a particular misfortune can be called off or can be reduced in the worse case to some extent.

  • The examples are Mangli k dosh, Kaal Sarp dosh, gandmool dosh, pitra dosha, and Chandra dosha. As per Vedic Astrology, these doshas have harmful effects on human life and under the negative influences of the same a person may get died untimely.
  • An influenced person with such doshas can face disturbance in married life, troubles in career and family disputes.

Janam Kundali Astrologer in Calgary

If you are disturbed, restless, shattered and directionless because of the misfortune and bad fate then you may be in an urgent need for astrology help. If you have not yet put a step forward for your Kundali Preparation and Kundali Prediction then this is the high time to be done with it.

You must approach remarkable astrologer Rajesh Shastri Ji who is a top Indian Kundali Astrologer In Calgary, London, and Paris and all over India. With his large experience in the field of astrology and his higher learning in the same Rajesh Shastri Ji has developed a deep insight into the human life’s problems occurrences.

An overview of his services is mentioned as follows

  • Free Kundali Preparations and Kundali Prediction online.
  • Excellent remedies for Kaal Sarp Dosh.
  • Free suggestions and measures for Manglik Dosh .
  • Services of remedies for career problems and business issues.
  • Guaranteed solutions for Pitar Dosh.
  • Services for a delay in marriage, marriage fights and other marriage problems.